Influencers X E-Commerce = Big Money


If you want to make more money, get new customers, or reach new levels this is your opportunity.

This billion-dollar business thrives because many companies prefer to sell their products through an affiliate network. It streamlines things for them, as they don’t have to worry about hiring a sales team, handling promotion, and driving traffic to their product or service.

No, it won’t come easy and nothing in life worth having does. If you want the opportunities that we are presenting today. It’s up to YOU to make it happen.

Everything is Already Done For You
  • Certified Campaigns
  • Customized Strategies
  • Website Design

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Shopify Ventures
  • E-Commerce Ventures

Certified campaigns: Because we are backed by a marketing and advertising agency you may have the opportunity as an influencer to work with companies directly. Our goal is to get the most for you out of every project.

Customized strategies: We will only put you on projects and programs that cater to your strengths and audiences. Each platform that you are on will have it’s own personalized strategies to bring you the most money.

guaranteed results: If you’ve got real followers you will make real dollars. It’s that simple. We work based off of performance. So if you don’t perform you don’t get paid. (You know who you are, stop faking and leave now)

Website design: If you just want a website built to do you’r own thing. We’ve got you covered with site that start as low as $500! Get an official WordPress website that is certified by Google in less than 48 hours.

shopify Ventures: This is for the influencer who is really a boss! If you want your own Shopify store to start selling your own merch and such, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we create the store but we can make it generate millions. Again… This is not for people who don’t have a real a REAL following. Let’s partner up or just pay to get it built. We will add all the apps and help with merchandise if needed.

e-commerce Ventures: If you want your own website and affiliate marketing program let’s partner up. We will set everything up and take a percentage on the back end. Let’s team up or just pay to get everything done for you. We will add all the bells and whistle… and help with merchandise if needed.

We were created and are powered by Iconic Genius, a lifestyle marketing & advertising agency.

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